Meet Ali Handley – A New York based, Australian born Pilates instructor, mother to two small children and BodyLove Pilates founder.

Ali Handley and her family

Ali first discovered Pilates over a decade ago looking for a source of strength to complement a cardio loaded workout schedule and fell in love. Working in the frenetic world of fashion and PR in Sydney and London, it wasn’t until Ali moved to New York in 2009 that she turned her passion for Pilates into a career.

Ali received her certification at Pilates Academy International - training with the co-founders at their flagship studio on 5th Ave. Soon after, while instructing at Erika Bloom Studios on the Upper East Side of New York and in the Hamptons, Ali discovered her true calling lay in pre & postnatal Pilates, and quickly made that her focus of discovery and education - working with women throughout their pregnancy and rehabbing them upon their return to fitness and strength.

“I love working with these women, it’s both rewarding and challenging at the same time. Being pregnant and then postnatal is such a personal journey and I feel so lucky to be able to help guide women during this special time.”

Working with countless prenatal & postnatal clients over the years Ali experienced a real desire in these women to learn more about their changing bodies, what was safe exercise and how they can workout at home on their own to look and feel better. From this, the idea for BodyLove Pilates was born.

Ali Handley teaching prenatal pilates workoutsAli Handley teaching postnatal pilates workouts

“Women need special attention during this time. There is so much information about how to look after the baby inside you or in your arms  - but there is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding self-care and fitness. It’s important women get to know their body, ensure they work out in a smart and effective way that supports them in their evolution.”

Experiencing firsthand the physical changes of pregnancy, challenging demands of caring for a new baby and rediscovering her body after childbirth, Ali decided to dedicate herself to creating a studio that makes it easy for pre & postnatal women to learn about their changing bodies and do workouts created especially just for them. 

“Becoming pregnant and going through the experience myself enriched my understanding of what it truly feels like to grow a human being inside of you, the mind-blowing adaptations your body goes through, and how Pilates really can support a woman through these changes. When I became pregnant with my second child I felt inspired to share my experience, knowledge of the human body, the pregnant state, and Pilates principles to help guide women to stay strong, fit, toned and pain free throughout their pregnancy, labor and into their postnatal time”
Ali - Founder

Ali continues to work  in New York - learning from her pre and postnatal clients, maintaining her passion and dedication to the guiding principles of Pilates to help support the women she cares for so much.

“Thank you for choosing BodyLove Pilates to help support you on your pregnancy and postnatal journey. No journey is the same and none are easy and I think it is a wonderful gift that we are able to be part of yours. Plus the results are always worth it – for your body and your baby!”

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