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Prenatal and postnatal women doing pilates workout videos

An Introduction to Bodylove Pilates


Bodylove Pilates Workouts

Work out side by side with your strong mama instructor - Ali Handley, and follow along through her pregnancy, labor preparation, postnatal recovery & on-going life as a mom. The video workouts are safe and specific to you throughout the three trimesters, the postnatal reconnection process & beyond. Learn about your core & try a free video workout today - Prenatal & Postnatal.
Postnatal after birth training program

Postnatal after birth training program


Bodylove pilates is your single source for trusted information, tailored exercise programs and challenging workouts - anywhere - anytime.

Prenatal pilates workout videos will keep you toned and strong during pregnancy

The Prenatal Program


Bodylove Pilates wants you to feel empowered by knowledge and strengthened by safe and effective exercises.

Postnatal woman doing pilates theraband workout

The Postnatal Program


Bodylove Pilates provides state of the art programs specially designed for prenatal & postnatal women of all levels.

Prenatal woman doing fundamental Pilates workout

The Fundamentals Exercises -
Sample Workouts


We believe every woman deserves to look and feel her best during this unique and special time.

Prenatal woman doing fundamental Pilates workout

The Fundamentals Guide

Download your free guide and start connecting today. Build a strong foundation for your prenatal & postnatal experience and learn what is safe and effective core training. The Fundamentals are a series of breathing activation exercises that target the deep core postural muscles of the body.


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