This is a primary ab series. A perfect ab focused workout for once you have closed your diastasis.Iit is a good idea to still take it slow, and be super targeted on keeping the separation closed while you are doing all exercises. In the primary series we stay focused on the fundamentals but in more challenging positions and start to progress and add new exercises.

Heel Slide Progression - Lift And Lower Extended Leg

1. Heel Slide Progression - Lift And Lower Extended Leg

GOAL: Strengthen the deep core - challenge the stability of the pelvis and spine

SET-UP: Supine

PROPS: No Props


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Inhale - send the breath into the back and sides of the ribs, point the toes and extend the leg out. Exhale don't change the spine or pelvis and lift the leg up to be in line with the other bent knee. Inhale point the toe and lower the leg to the mat. Exhale draw the belly button to spine to stabilize the pelvis, flex the foot and without changing the position of the pelvis drag your heel along the mat in toward your butt.
Tags: Core, Postnatal