Elevator With Isolations Or Repetitions

GOAL: Strengthen the deep core - stabilize the pelvis and spine

SET-UP: Seated, All Fours

PROPS: Physio Ball, Yoga Block, Small Ball, Bolster

REPETITIONS: Start at 10 & Build to 25x

DETAILS: Inhale - breathe into your pelvic floor and allow it to fully relax. Exhale and engage the pelvic floor muscle to lift up - sequentially deepening the connection. Imagine your pelvic floor is an elevator and it's moving upside you, through your torso - starting at level 1, 2,3,4,5 is the top and the penthouse. Once you are at the top, release the elevator half way and then draw it back up to the penthouse. Repeat 5-25 as without fully losing connection.