The BodyLove Pilates method combines;

  • Intense and targeted mat pilates moves
  • Deep core training & focused breathing exercises 
  • Fun and challenging cardio
  • Unique Programs for PRENATAL, POSTNATAL & BEYOND (Strong Mama Workouts)
  • Workouts that are linked to trusted and relevant information

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The BodyLove Pilates method is designed for the busy lives Mamas lead - By using the extensive workout filters, video collections & the MY WORKOUT feature that allows you to queue your workouts - it only takes moments to begin your workout every time!

What do you need to get started?

  • A screen & access to the internet 
  • Pilates/Yoga Mat
  • Optional props include; a Theraband, Yoga Block, Small Pilates Ball, Physio/Fit Ball

By no means will it feel like an easy workout - BodyLove Pilates challenges your mind-body connection, muscle endurance and physical stamina. The video workouts combine the stabilizing, strengthening, lengthening and toning principles of Pilates with the cardio of Barre and standing exercises.

At BodyLove Pilates (BLP) we believe in;

Body Awareness - We link the changes that occur to your body during your pregnancy, postpartum recovery & the demands of being a mom to the workouts you are doing.

Love - The video workouts & programs have been created and designed with Love & an intimate knowledge of the physical demands motherhood places on women.

Preparation & Programs - The workouts are designed to challenge & strengthen you in preparation for the physical demands that lie ahead and the changes your body goes through. The Programs have been created from the Founder's genuine experience of pregnancy, postnatal recovery & being a mom to toddlers & beyond.

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