The BodyLove Pilates method combines the power of information with the support of guided exercise and easy to follow workouts. Our aim is to arm you with knowledge about your changing bodies while strengthening and toning you with challenging workouts.

We are unique in our devotion to delivering both exercise and education that is 100% tailored to prenatal & postnatal women. The method emphasizes deep core training, posture and over-all stability, complemented by invigorating cardio and strengthening exercises.

Created by a mother for mothers - the exercise section has been broken down into four parts:

    1. Videos - Follow along with Ali in 200+ unique mat Pilates workouts
    2. Exercises - Step-by-step instructions for 100+ key mat Pilates exercises
    3. Workouts - Curated collection of mat Pilates exercises that make it easy to do a workout when you're not near a screen
    4. Challenges - Specially created video collections for you to follow when you want to challenge your body and mind for maximum results. You will be sent daily emails to help you stay on course & motivated throughout the challenge.

By no means will it feel like an easy workout, BodyLove Pilates challenges your mind-body connection, muscle endurance and physical stamina. The exercises combine the stabilizing, strengthening, lengthening and toning principles of Pilates with the cardio of Barre and standing exercises.

Pregnancy pilates breathing exercises

We want to provide you with the one-on-one experience of a private Pilates instructor anywhere, anytime.  

  • There is a workout that will address whatever is going on with your body on that particular day, ensuring every workout is tailored to you
  • There is detailed information about the prenatal & postnatal state to answer your many questions
  • The information is always linked to exercise

We understand the busy lives you lead - it's hard to get out of the house and you don't aways have time for a full workout session. BodyLove Pilates has developed a library of videos and workouts tailored to:

  • How much time you have
  • What muscle group you would like to focus on
  • Address any pain or special condition you may be experiencing
  • All videos are 10-15mins long allowing members to use these as building blocks to create a new workout each time

Postnatal pilates core workoutsPregnancy pilates arm exercises

The BodyLove Pilates method consistently connects the activation of your muscles to the movement of your body and your baby through a combination of:

  • intense and targeted mat pilates moves
  • focused breathing and deep core activation
  • fun and challenging cardio
  • trusted and relevant information


From experience, both personal and professional, it is the combination of these four elements that creates greatest benefits and successful results for prenatal & postnatal women.