BodyLove Pilates is a progressive online studio for women who are PRENATAL, POSTNATAL & BEYOND!

For $25 per month - BodyLove Pilates' members will have exclusive and unlimited access to:

  • A rapidly expanding library of 300+ video workouts 
  • Specifically designed Pilates programs that help women prepare, recover & thrive.
  • A comprehensive step-by-step catalog of 100+ Prenatal & Postnatal mat Pilates exercises
  • Detailed information about the anatomical and physiological changes that happen to a Prenatal & Postnatal woman

Pregnancy pilates theraband workout with Ali HandleyPregnancy pilates mat workout

The video workouts are specially designed for mamas & mamas-to-be of all levels and are safe and effective throughout the three trimesters, the postnatal reconnection process & beyond.

Created by a mother for mothers - BodyLove Pilates provides you with a private Pilates experience - anywhere, anytime. Your private instructor is founder, Ali Handley, a New York based prenatal & postnatal Pilates specialist and mother of two. Work out side by side with Ali, and follow along with her through her genuine experience;

  • Pregnancy (Pilates Through Your Trimesters)
  • Labor preparation (Prepare to Push)
  • Postpartum Recovery (The After Birth Training Program)
  • Life as a mom to toddlers (Strong Mama Workouts)
Ali Handley teaches prenatal pilates arm weight workoutPregnancy pilates chest press ring and physioball exercise with Ali HandleyPostnatal pilates arm workout with Ali Handley
Providing a single source of information you can trust, BodyLove Pilates unique offering includes:
  • The Postnatal After Birth Training Program - A proven Core Rehab & Recovery program that delivers a workout video a day for 6 week that can begin as early as the day after childbirth.
  • A wellness blog with expert contributors from relevant fields including acupuncture, yoga and nutrition
  • 300+ video workouts with an extensive list of filters
  • Exercise challenges that include daily videos and workout plans that inspire, support and encourage members to commit to changing their bodies for the better
  • Relevant information and accompanying exercises regarding common pains and conditions experienced by prenatal & postnatal women
Taking the guesswork out of working out - BodyLove Pilates has you covered from conception, to birth and beyond.