The Overview

Created by a mother, for mothers, BodyLove Pilates deeply examines the pregnant state, linking the changes your body is going through to how you can work out - safer, smarter and more effectively.

Your bodies need special attention during this time. Whilst there is a ton of information about how to look after the baby you’re carrying there is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding self-care and fitness for the mommy’s to be - we can help!

BodyLove Pilates provides 200+ prenatal video workouts,  detailed information and step-by-step exercises to ensure you work out in an effective way that supports you in your evolution through the trimesters, arming you with the knowledge to safely prepare yourself for the next stage, childbirth and beyond!

A prenatal exercise - thigh dancingprenatal exercise butt lift

What are your BodyLove Pilates workout options?

  1. Work out side by side with Ali, and follow along as she progresses through her pregnancy, starting from her first trimester through to preparing for labor and everything in between.
  2. Video workouts are designed to be unique every time by using the filters -  muscle group, prop, pain or special condition.
  3. We provide detailed exercise pages for an extensive catalogue of mat Pilates moves so you can be familiar with step by step instructions for key exercises.
  4. Exercises and workouts are all chosen specifically for the prenatal woman of all levels.

Seated bicep curls

We know that staying active, safely pushing your muscle boundaries and feeling the burn remains super important to you. You’ll need to summon strength, focus and connection when practicing the BodyLove Pilates method.

We're focused on supporting you to:

  • Look and feel good the whole way through your pregnancy
  • Be empowered by knowledge and understanding of your changing body
  • Remain painfree throughout the three trimesters
  • Be prepared for the challenges of labor
  • Work towards a speedy postpartum recovery