We believe your postnatal recovery is a personal journey - and it’s never too early or too late to begin.

Created by a mother of two, BodyLove Pilates understands and addresses your postnatal pressures, pains and needs through the unique combination of information and exercise.

In western culture today the postnatal woman rarely receives the support she needs and deserves both physically and emotionally.
It is the goal of BodyLove Pilates to support and guide you through the first days, weeks, months, even years after you have given you birth, helping you:

  • Reactivate your core muscles via a specifically developed training program
  • Invigorate you with challenging and fun video workouts
  • Educating you about the changes to your body
  • How to address these changes
  • How they affect how you workout
  • Explain other postnatal challenges – hormones, pain, emotional support

postnatal posturepostnatal barre exercisepostnatal abs

Being postnatal is a process – a process that can take a matter of a few months or a few years. There is no time frame on how long you are postnatal for, only a singular truth - it is 100% normal and ok to be considered postnatal until you are no longer feeling the physical and emotional effects of your pregnancy and labor.

We encourage and teach you to do self assessment of your abdominals and pelvic floor muscles. The self- assessment element of the BodyLove Pilates ensures that you begin the postnatal program at the correct stage for your body and tracks your progress.

Have you just had your baby?

Begin the Postnatal After Birth Training Program today!

Work out side by side with Ali, and follow along as she begins the reconnection process within days of giving birth. Focusing first with the gentle reactivation of her abdominals - experience Ali’s genuine postnatal journey as you begin yours.

Are you lost and don't know where to start when returning to exercises?

All workouts are tagged and described in detail so you will know if it is the right workout for your stage of recovery. Follow along with Ali as she gains strength, connection and begins to include more and more challenging moves into her postnatal workouts.

Postnatal tricepspostnatal exercise - abspostnatal exercise - butt