The BodyLove Pilates method energizes you with challenging prenatal workout videos while educating you with information you can trust regarding your pregnancy.
The exercises combine the stabilizing, strengthening, lengthening and toning principles of Pilates with the cardio of Barre and standing exercises.

Prenatal pilates core workouts
Particular focus is placed on the deep core postural muscles of the body, prioritizing always stability of the body then mobility.
All exercises are 100% safe throughout your three trimesters.
We are unique in our devotion to delivering both exercise and information that is 100% tailored to prenatal women. The method emphasizes deep core training, posture and over-all stability, complemented by invigorating cardio and strengthening exercises.

We want to provide you with the one-on-one experience of a private Pilates instructor anywhere, anytime.

  • There is a workout that will address whatever is going on with your body on that particular day, ensuring every workout is tailored to you
  • There is detailed information about the prenatal state to answer your questions
  • The education articles are always linked to exercise

Prenatal pilates core workoutsPrenatal pilates arm exercises with Ali HandleyPrenatal pilates barre exercises with Ali Handley

We understand the busy lives you lead - it's hard to make classes and often too expensive. BodyLove Pilates has developed a system that allows you to create a unique workout every time that is tailored to your individual needs depending on:

  • How much time you have
  • The muscle group you would like to target
  • Any pain or special conditions you may be experiencing

All prenatal pilates workout videos are 10-15 minutes long allowing you to use them as building blocks to create a new workout every time and you can do this all from your home.

The BodyLove Pilates method consistently connects the activation of your muscles to the movement of your body and your baby through a combination of;

By no means will it feel like an easy workout, BodyLove Pilates challenges your mind-body connection, muscle endurance and physical stamina.