The BodyLove Pilates method energizes you with 300+ challenging prenatal workout videos;

  • The workouts combine the stabilizing, strengthening & toning principles of Pilates with the cardio of Barre and standing exercises
  • There is particular focus on consistent, safe prenatal abdominal training
  • The workouts strengthen your body to address the physical changes your body goes through during pregnancy
  • The workouts are designed to prepare your body for the challenges of child birth & a speedy postpartum recovery
  • Emphasis is placed on stability before mobility 

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All exercises are 100% safe throughout your three trimesters.

Prenatal pilates core workouts

We are unique in our devotion to delivering both exercise and information that is 100% tailored to prenatal women. The method emphasizes;

  • deep core training
  • posture
  • over-all stability
  • invigorating cardio
  • strengthening exercises.

We want to provide you with the one-on-one experience of a private Pilates instructor anywhere, anytime. Follow along with Founder - Ali Handley's genuine Pregnancy, Labor Preparation, Postnatal Reconnection and Life as a Mom.

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Prenatal pilates core workoutsPrenatal pilates arm exercises with Ali HandleyPrenatal pilates barre exercises with Ali Handley

The BodyLove Pilates method consistently connects the activation of your muscles to the movement of your body and your baby through a combination of;

By no means will it feel like an easy workout, BodyLove Pilates challenges your mind-body connection, muscle endurance and physical stamina.

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