Swelling, or edema, during pregnancy, is normal and can affect the face, hands, legs, ankles, and feet.


  1. It occurs because the body has 50% more fluid (blood and other bodily fluids) during pregnancy


  • Working-out your legs aids the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body, countering this swelling whilst toning at the same time – Standing Footwork on the Barre, squats, lunges
  • Stretching calves and hamstrings – Against the wall, seated with theraband, supine single leg with theraband
  • Discomfort from edema can be relieved by elevating the feet or by avoiding standing for long periods of time. (think feet up the wall, resting on the bed head when you get home from a long day on your feet!)

Caution: Sudden excessive swelling of the legs and feet can be a sign of preeclampsia - contact your doctor/health carer immediately