Pubic bone pain - or Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD) occurs at the pubic symphysis, which is at the front of the pelvis where the two halves connect. This pain can feel like a pulling or tugging inside the vagina or sensitivity of the pubic bone area. This can occur when you are working out or simply walking around.

Pubic Symphysis painPubic Symphysis pain


  1. The body produces the hormones Relaxin to soften the pubic symphysis in preparation for birth, destabilizing this area where the two halves on the pelvis join
  2. There is a general weakening of the pelvic and core stabilizing muscles
  3. The destabilizing and weakness of this area can cause pelvic misalignment – or pelvic shearing
  4. Pressure from the weight of the uterus and baby on the pelvis


  • STOP UNILATERAL AND INNER THIGH WORK – this means you should no longer work one leg at a time or focus on inner thigh work. (All single leg side lying exercises – Clam series, Side butt series, Barre work when squeezing the ball)
  • BALANCE YOUR PELVIS – When there is asymmetry in the pelvis is causes pain. Working both sides at the same time can often balance the pelvis and bring symmetry and pain relief
  • STRENGTHEN THROUGH STABILITY – Fundamental Core exercises and strengthening of the deep external rotators of the hip isometrically will help stabilize the pelvis and eliminate the pain

Try some of these Pubic Symphysis workouts to focus on relieving the pain through strengthening and stretching the right butt muscles.