Most of us have had these - pregnant or not. Often referred to as a “charlie horse” - leg cramps during pregnancy occurs predominately at night.


  1. Additional weight gain of pregnancy
  2. Changes in circulation
  3. The uterus may also press on the nerves and blood vessels that go to the legs
  4. They may also be caused by dehydration or electrolyte imbalances common during pregnancy

CAUTION - Both of these factors may contribute to early labor so severe leg cramps, while common and often harmless - contact your doctor.


  • Foot and leg exercises can help with circulation and reduce the frequency of leg cramps - Standing footwork on the Barre, Lunges, Squats
  • Stay hydrated - the more water, coconut water and other hydrating drinks can help eliminate symptoms
  • Stretching the calves and hamstrings - against the wall, using the theraband
  • Rolling out the feet using a pinky-ball (believe me this feels amazing and will become addictive)