Wah my feet hurt! I think I complained about this so much during my pregnancy! During pregnancy there is a flattening and general widening of foot. As the foot flattens they provide less structural support for the musculoskeletal system, the muscles of the foot weaken and lead to pain and problems during pregnancy and after.  This is also why your shoes do not fit during and after pregnancy - as the foot flattens it grows! 

  1. The additional weight of pregnancy
  2. Shift in the placement of weight on the feet can cause pregnant woman’s feet to flatten – effectively flattening the transverse arch of the foot


  • Regular foot exercises will lessen the pain and strengthen the muscles in the arch of the foot – Standing footwork at the Barre, focused articulation through the foot in Barre work, theraband exercises that focus on lifting the arch
  • Stretching out hamstrings and calves
  • Roll out the arch of the foot using the pinky-ball or tennis ball to release the tight fascia found under the foot
  • Wear shoes that fit - seriously! Some of your shoes will not fit anymore - be prepared to go up a size!

* Caution - be sure not to massage the feet with hands unless it is from a professional who know where not to touch. There are pressure points around the ankle and up the leg that can trigger uterine contractions!