There are many contributing factors to back pain during pregnancy, sometimes the pain is in the upper back, mid back and predominately - the low back. Pregnancy alters the natural spinal curves and can cause a rounding of the upper spine and forward movement of the head, compression of the low back and in some cases depending where the baby is - can cause a functional scoliosis. All of these abnormalities cause some kind of back pain!

Back painBack pain


  1. Hormonal Changes – hormones released during pregnancy cause ligaments in the pelvic area to soften and the joints to become looser in preparation for the birthing process. This destabilizes the body, particularly the pelvis - often resulting in back pain
  2. Posture - The additional weight along with the shift forward in the center of gravity may cause postural misalignment and pain
  3. Weight Gain – Weight gain during pregnancy is additional weight that your back must carry
  4. Weak Core muscles – TVA and PFM in particular
  5. Tight leg and butt muscles - Postural & hormonam changes in the body can cause the tightening of these muscles which in turn pull on the structures of the low back causing pain


  • Strengthen the deep core muscles to better support the lumbar and pelvic region - The Fundamental exercises
  • Strengthen the butt and legs to better support the pelvis and low back
  • Stretch the back-line of the body to ensure tight muscles are not pulling on the low back - Hamstrings, Calves, Butt, IT band
  • Stretch the front of the pelvis to counter the anterior tilt - hip flexor stretch