So hopefully over the course of your 1st and 2nd trimesters you have mastered the breathing technique that activates the deep core muscles with a powerful exhale.

That is a huge achievement! Breathing as we know is hard!
You will continue to use this breathing technique:
  • throughout your pregnancy as the baby continues to grow and requires deep core strength in exercise and everyday life
  • This is the breathing technique you will use in the reactivation of the deep core during the postnatal period
  • This breathing technique retrains your muscle firing patterns so you always first engage the deep core and stabilize the body before you activate any other moving muscles

How is reverse breathing different?

Instead of activating the muscles with the power of the exhale - you will instead use the exhale to release the muscles with force.

The reverse breathing technique requires you to 

  • INHALE - lift and engage the pelvic floor
  • EXHALE - fully release and let go of the pelvic floor muscles

Why is it important?

It is important for the labor process - namely the pushing phase.

  • You will need to fully release your pelvic floor muscles to allow the baby to come out
  • During a contraction being able to lift and then release your pelvic floor can help reduce the amount of pushing you will need to do
  • In general - having a good sense of the pelvic floor's will help you respond to your birth coach and doctors cues

 Join Ali in the workout as she prepares for labor.