Pilates is a safe low impact form of exercise that can be practiced throughout a woman’s entire pregnancy - beyond Pilates it’s important to take the same safe principles into whatever workout regime you are doing.

Remaining fit and mobile is crucial and there is a great variety of exercise that will compliment your Pilates practice.

Don't forget that the heart is a muscle - so including some forms of mild cardio throughout gestation (unless a doctor advises against it) is recommended.

For many years it was thought that a woman should not get her heart rate above 140 beats p/min whilst pregnant but recent studies have proven that if you have regularly done cardio prior to getting pregnant - it is safe to continue.

CAUTION - listen to your body, stay cool and hydrated whilst exercising and if it something doesn’t feel right – STOP!


  • Power walking
  • Light jogging (practiced prior to become pregnant)
  • Stationary biking (spinning)
  • Barre classes
  • Swimming
  • Prenatal Yoga

Remember - when you are exercising outside of BodyLove Pilates don’t forget the Fundamental exercises:

  • STABILITY THEN MOBILITY - initiate movement by first engaging pelvic floor and TVA
  • DON’T do any abdominal work that compromises all the great deep core work you do when working out with BodyLove -  Stay in class and just take the time to do your seated - Fundamental exercises!