Why don’t our shoes feet anymore?? You’re finally going to get dressed up and go out for dinner and you go to put on your favorite pair of heels and they don’t fit? The widening and flattening of the feet is a common complaint after pregnancy.

  1. The additional weight of pregnancy.
  2. Shift in the placement of weight on the feet can cause pregnant woman’s feet to flatten – effectively reducing the transverse arch of the foot.
  3. The tightness and weakness in the foot continues during the postnatal period until release and strengthening begins.
  • Roll out the foot using the pinky ball - this can release a lot of fascia on the underside of the foot providing a better place to start working the feet from. The way that fascia functions also means that by using the pinky ball on the foot can provide release in other parts of the body.
  • Regular foot exercises will begin to strengthen the muscles of the feet that support the transverse arch - theraband exercises, standing foot work, barre classes and exercises.
  • Stretching out hamstrings and calves