Many of you may be concerned about how exercise affects your breast milk but studies show that moderate to even heavy forms of exercise and training does not affect supply or taste.

Does exercise make the milk taste sour?

  • No - this is not true.
  • When we exercise intensely our muscles produce lactic acid. Lactic acid does goes into breast milk, however it is harmless, tasteless and even when you are training really hard - it does not stay present for very long after exercise.
  • Moderate forms of exercise - like pilates- does not produce lactic acid.

Does exercise decrease the supply?

  • No - there is no proof that exercise has any significant effect on the amount of breast milk a woman produces.
  • Exercise is a proven stress reliever and helps produce feel good endorphins which makes for a happier mommy - happier baby.

Does exercise affect the nutrients in breastmilk?

  • No - there is no impact on the nutrient levels of breast milk in breastfeeding moms that exercise.
  • Again - exercise promotes a feeling of wellbeing that can influence a whole host of other important factors that do affect breast milk - such as nutrition and other lifestyle choices.

Will my baby refuse the breast after exercise?

  • No - and if they do this is unlikely linked to exercise in itself.
  • They may be fussy that day
  • Perhaps they do not like the sweaty or sweet taste of the skin and nipple after exercise.


  • Keep exercising - it is so important. For your health, mood and your baby.
  • Stay hydrated - hydration does affect your breast milk so make sure after exercise you drink loads of water.
  • Don’t over do it - Listen to your body. Being a mom is very tiring - make sure you are not adding to the exhaustion by really going too hard. Moderate exercise will give you more energy - too much and you may feel increasingly depleted.
  • Ask yourself - is this exercise helping me being a strong mom, a happy healthy woman. If the answer is yes - go for it.