Pilates is a safe low impact form of exercise that can be practiced from the day after you have given birth. As you begin your recovery it’s natural to want to include other forms of exercise that compliment your pilates practice. 

No matter what it is you decide to return to, or even if you are trying out something new - but beyond Pilates it’s important to take the same safe principles into whatever workout regime you are doing.

What can I do in the first three months?

  • Your body is still recovering from the trauma of childbirth and likely the exhaustion of new motherhood.
  • For this stage of the process I recommend walking - loads of it. It’s great for you, for the baby and you can increase your pace and distance as your grow stronger.

When can I start to run again?

  • Most experts in the postnatal care field recommend you do not start running again until your are at least 6 months postnatal and have no form of pelvic floor dysfunction - ie - no whoops when you sneeze! 
  • I know for you all runners out there this seems crazy but the instability in your pelvis, hips and pelvic floor following pregnancy and labor is real and it takes time to strengthen and stabilize.
  • Returning to a high impact form of exercise such as running can do long term damage if you are not ready for it.

What is safe cardio?
Once you have been cleared by your doctor and you feel your core is at a stage where you can engage it for stability I recommend the following;

  • Power walking
  • Eliptical - You can choose programs to ensure you are working hard on these
  • Swimming - This is a great low impact sport that is great to increase your back strength and extension
  • Spin - stability biking is fun, cardio pumping and low impact
  • Barre - a great source of cardio and strength but just be sure you are ready for their ab work.
  • Yoga - great for lengthening and toning - and calm meditation!

CAUTION - listen to your body, stay cool and hydrated whilst exercising and if it something doesn’t feel right – STOP!

Remember - when you are exercising outside of BodyLove Pilates don’t forget;

  • STABILITY THEN MOBILITY - initiate movement by first engaging pelvic floor and TVA. 
  • DON’T do any abdominal work that compromises all the great deep core work you do here! Stay in class but instead take the time to do your seated - Fundamental BodyLove Pilates Core exercises!