Feed, carry, rock, push, burp - repeat. The repetitive nature of being a new mom wreaks havoc on your posture. Many of the issues you will be experiencing can also be blamed on your pregnancy. During your pregnancy the body goes through extensive changes - making room for the growing baby. These changes greatly affect the natural curves of the spine and therefore your posture.
Now that you are postnatal you have to focus on correcting the prenatal postural issues as well as addressing others that arise from new mother-hood. Restoring good posture is vital to staying painfree and reconnecting you with your body.

Postnatal postural work will focus on;
  • strengthening muscles that have atrophied during pregnancy
  • releasing muscles that are short and tight
  • retraining and toning muscles that are long and weak.
  • focusing on the deep core postural muscles that must recover from laxity and trauma of pregnancy and child birth – diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, pelvic realignment

Postnatal posturePostnatal posture 2

  • Shoulders and upper back are rounded forward – pregnancy and breast/bottle feeding.
  • Locked neck muscles - some short, some long - pregnancy and breast/bottle feeding, staring at your baby!
  • Stiff thoracic spine – limited rotation and extension during pregnancy
  • The lumbar spine or lower back curve increases, anterior tilt of pelvis – weight of uterus during pregnancy
  • The knees hyperextend or are pushed backwards - counter the tilt of the pelvis.


  • Spending time strengthening the postural muscles of the body – which includes the core – will decrease the pain, and it proven that good posture can have an extremely positive effect on mood and behavior!
  • Stretching out the locked muscles is equally as important as the retraining and strengthening of muscles.
Try one of the arm or back video workouts to counter your postnatal postural habits!
When it comes to postnatal – release and strengthen go hand in hand!
Postnatal Posture
In the first weeks of your postnatal period focusing on just simply sitting up tall, with good posture requires focus and strength and absolutely is an exercise.