Pilates is a style of exercise, first developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, which focuses on muscle balance throughout the body, with particular emphasis on;

  • core strength
  • stability
  • alignment
  • flexibility
  • efficient movement 

Pilates relies on a mind/body approach, rooted in the six main principles of - Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow.

  1. Centering – refers to the focus Pilates places on the bodies central powerhouse - or core. This is where the energy for the moves must come from – muscles between the lowest ribs and the pubic bones
  2. Concentration – refers to the attention that must accompany each move to ensure correct firing of the muscles and alignment of the body. Many of the muscles Pilates cues are thinking muscles - so you must concentrate on them to activate them
  3. Control – refers to the unique emphasis placed on muscle control for each exercise, whilst one muscle may be the primary mover, many are stabilizing at the same time
  4. Precision – refers to the exact nature Pilates exercises. Alignment and stability are key to correct execution of Pilates exercises
  5. Breath - Joseph Pilates placed huge emphasis on the invigorating qualities of deep breathing and there is a lot of focus on the correct breath pattern for each exercise. Breathing exercises and the co-ordination of breath patterns in Pilates is an integral part of the style
  6. Flow – refers to the combination of grace needed for the exercises as well as the idea of the constant flow of energy connecting your body and your mind as you move

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates provides many wonderful benefits for a pre & postnatal woman. We offer a mind-body approach that balances stability with flexibility and strength with cardio. Our method will help guide women through each stage their pregnancy, throughout the three trimesters, including preparation for labor. After childbirth we support women back to strength, connection and an over-all speedy recovery postpartum.

  1. Focused muscle training - BodyLove Pilates addresses the muscle imbalances caused by pregnancy, labor and the postnatal period with emphasis on TVA and pelvic floor strengthening. Focus is placed on muscles you need, and none that you don’t!
  2. Modification – Each Pilates move can be modified depending on strength and experience as well as any structural or physiological limitations. (E.g. injuries or specific postnatal conditions)
  3. 100% Safe – BodyLove Pilates is 100% safe, NO IMPACT form of exercise that can be practiced throughout your entire pregnancy and as soon as the day after childbirth- unless specifically instructed by your doctor or midwife
  4. Posture - Special emphasis is placed on maintaining, correcting and supporting the body’s natural curves which have been greatly altered during the pre & postnatal time and can cause pain and discomfort when not addressed
  5. Stability – The hormone Relaxin is produced by the placenta and ovaries throughout a woman’s pregnancy, softening the ligaments of the body, often resulting damaging joint instability. Pilates looks to counter and restore the adverse affects by focusing on stability and targeting deep stabilizing muscles
  6. Increases body awareness, energy levels and helps manage stress levels
  7. Increases circulation which helps the healing process
  8. Maintains or increases strength during pregnancy, for labor and specifically needed for the physical demands of caring for a new child after delivery