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THE EXPERT - Jessica Smouha

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Meet my gorgeous friend Jessica Smouha.

Jessica Smouha

She is an amazing mama to Stevie and Bonnie, food lover, nutritionist, food lover and all round divine human. She is also the author of two popular blog post about 1st trimester nutrition;



Jessica's food philosophy

My belief is that our health is intrinsically linked to the health of our food chain and time spent sourcing the best ingredients and playing the primary role in food production is the only way to higher state of health and happiness.

I have always had a deep appreciation for food, with the happiest memories of my mother’s wholesome cooking and a respect for meal times enjoyed as a family. Over the years I have learnt the importance of sourcing food as close to the farm as possible and eating to each season, enjoying a huge benefit to my state of being, both physically and emotionally.

Health to me stems from culture and cuisine with confidence placed in the traditional ways that have succeeded for many generations. In a global pandemic of western disease, people have clearly lost touch with their roots and sadly need support to navigate the vast array of food like substances and chemical products on offer today, as the further we distance ourselves from the natural world, the sicker we will become.

I have a passion for living a natural and sustainable existence that stems from my personal life journey. Finding myself drawn to cultural and traditional ways of life, I moved to Sri Lanka as a volunteer, following the 2005 tsunami, where I took part in the recovery efforts as an aid worker and as a photographer. I took an unlikely turn and through my love for this small fishing community on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, I played a role in the creation of Talalla Health Retreat as well as a socially sustainable fashion label, which I founded with my cousin. Helping restore and inspire livelihoods whilst living in a remote tropical oasis was life changing.

Parallel to starting a family, I have undertaken my Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, qualifying as a Nutritionist with particular interests in digestive health, fertility and autoimmunity. I am now studying Naturopathy, upgrading my qualification to a Bachelor of Health Science. My path to study natural medicine has been a defining decision in my life and I have benefited my family from consciously choosing to make our world as natural as possible.

From clinical experience I have come to prioritise that careful consideration should be given to a treatment plan, one that should be centred around each person’s unique individuality as well as a holistic evaluation of the health problem. Symptoms are an intrinsic response to the pathogen and a sign of the body’s attempt to defend and heal itself and through natural therapies I endeavour to support the body’s own innate ability to return to a state of balance.

Through educating myself in the adverse outcomes of symptomatic treatment and the truth that lies behind our current food industry including the misleading labelling and marketing, fad diets and miracle cures, I feel I have found my calling to inspire those around me to make the right choices and live an honest existence with abundant energy, vitality, peace and happiness.

I feel I am part of a revolution to return to a natural way of living and that we must all give careful consideration to the process of creating food and that the person creating the meal in front of us is concerned with our health and the health of environment. Food is our medicine and with this belief we will all live in presence of preventative medicine.

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