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Postnatal Wellness

How To Have Perfect Posture - the moves you need to know.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's really hard to consider posture a top priority as a new mom but believe me dedicating time to strengthening the postural muscles of the body is going to make everything else SO much easier. You will have less back pain, neck pain and it is proven that by simply sitting up taller with good posture can have a wonderfully positive effect on your mood! I share my tips with The New Potato in the below article!

How To Have Perfect Posture

By Ali Handley

Postnatal Posture arms and back video workout

Carry, rock, feed, burp – repeat. As a new mom this often feels like all you are doing. This kind of repetitive behavior places extreme amounts of pressure and strain on the muscles of the upper back, neck and shoulders. The rounding forward of the upper spine had already begun when you were pregnant as your breasts grew and your big tummy pulled everything in an anterior direction. Now it’s time to target the muscles of the shoulders, arms and back to help counter the rounding forward, a condition known as postural Kyphosis. When it comes to posture – release and strength go hand in hand so be sure to consistently stretch the muscles of the chest and neck.

Restoring good posture is vital to staying pain free and reconnecting you with your body after childbirth– it’s even been proven that good posture has a positive influence on mood and overall well-being!

Tip: I tell all my BodyLove Pilates members and clients to make sure they are well supported by either a feeding cushion or their own set-up when they are feeding their baby. This can make a huge amount of difference to the tension and strain you are placing on your upper body. My favorite was the Brest Friend pillow and I was constantly surrounded by every shape and size of pillow I could find in my house!

Step 1. Reconnect the Deep Core

The deep core muscles of the body are attached to the spine and pelvis. When you strengthen these muscles they help return the natural curves of the spine and stabilize the pelvis. Check out the series of core exercises detailed in the pilates guide for new moms.

Tip: When you are feeding your baby this week – try and be your tallest self. Don’t slump in the chair. Sitting up tall will automatically turn on those deep core muscles we are trying to target. And yes – I absolutely consider this an exercise when you’re a new mom....jump to the article for all the moves and tip.

Or try on of the BodyLove Pilates Posture video workouts today.

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