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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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BodyLove Pilates. A progressive pre & postnatal online studio - launching May 2016.

Created by a mother for mothers – BodyLove Pilates empowers their members with expert instruction and information on how to best workout during this important time.
Ali Handley and baby
For $25 per month - BodyLove Pilate’s members will have exclusive and unlimited access to;

  • Detailed information about their changing body.
  • A comprehensive catalogue of mat Pilates exercises that address these changes.
  • An extensive video library and downloadable collection of challenging workouts.
The state of the art exercise programs are specially designed for pre & postnatal women of all levels and are safe and effective throughout the three trimesters and the postnatal reconnection process.

Bodylove Pilates provides members with a private Pilates experience - anywhere, anytime. Their private instructor is founder, Ali Handley, a New York based pre/postnatal Pilates specialist and mother of two. Members can workout side by side with Ali, and follow along with her through her pregnancy, labor preparation and postnatal recovery.

Providing a single source of trusted content, BodyLove Pilates unique offering includes;
  • A postnatal core reconnection program that delivers a video a day for the first 6 week after a woman has given birth.
  • A wellness blog with expert contributors from relevant fields including acupuncture, yoga and nutrition.
  • over 150 detailed exercises tailored specially for pre/postnatal women.
  • 10-15 minute videos that are divIded by muscle group so members can customize their workout every time.

Taking the guesswork out of working out - Bodylove Pilates has members covered from conception, to birth and beyond.

BODYLOVE PILATES – Ali is a New York based Pilates instructor and mother of two small children. Moving from Australia in 2009 she began working on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in the Hamptons where she discovered her passion lay in pre/postnatal Pilates. Ali quickly made this her focus of discovery and education, working with women throughout their pregnancy and rehabbing them upon their return to fitness and strength. Experiencing first hand the physical demands of carrying and caring for a baby, Ali wants to share her knowledge of the human body, passion for Pilates and personal journey with mamas and mamas to be worldwide. BodyLove Pilates is an only online studio dedicated to ensure pre/postnatal women are informed about their body’s, workout smarter, safer and more effectively during this important time in their lives.

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